My go-to gift for married couples was the same forever; a beautiful clock. This came about because the first one which was given was received with unabashed enthusiasm! So wedding after wedding I gave clocks and then for some reason I stopped.

Of course the world has changed a lot since I gave the gift of that first timepiece. Everyone has a cell or smart phone with the time on it, or a smartwatch that not only tells time, but also monitors your heart rate, how you're sleeping at night and where your dog hid your new pair of shoes.

So, there really is no need to give anyone a time-telling device anymore. But this new idea from Domino's is a real winner! Domino's Pizza now has a pizza wedding registry. They are promoting it as "the first registry for couples who prefer delicious melty cheese to crystal gravy boats".

Any couple can create a registry and friends and family can look up their registry and give them any number of selections from the e-gift card roster of pizza choices. For instance there's the "$60 2 AM Bachelor Party Feast", the "$100 Dancing With My Slice" for after the reception, or even a "$20 Excuse Not to Cook" selection.

For the last two weddings I attended, I gave cash and a gift card, which I believe were gratefully accepted, but maybe for the next one I'd consider this. Who doesn't love pizza?

Vive la Domino's!

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