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Study Shows Having a Dog Is Better for Your Dating Life

Recent data has shown that owning a dog can affect your relationships (with other humans) in a good way.  It's no secret that owning a dog can make you a happier person. Online pet care service provider, Rover.com, released their Anatomy of Dog Love Report. The report analyzed data from their network of pet care providers. Findings concluded that 71% of dog owners reported being more attracted to their significant other after watching them care for their dog. (via People)

How Not to Text Your Ex This V-Day

Today's holiday brings many mixed emotions, especially towards those who you thought you were over completely. There is nothing like the regret felt after texting that ex you shouldn't have texted. Before hitting send, first think, "Am I dating someone?" "Am I blocked on their phone?" and, "What do I expect from this?" (via Cosmopolitan)

John Legend's 'All of Me' Dominates This Holiday Globally

John Legend's hit song, "All of Me," has been streamed more than 1.1 billion times.  The track is officially the top love song on Spotify around the world,. (via People)

Love Don't Cost a Thing... Well, Maybe $25K

A man from Kansas has put out his own version of a mating call by offering a $25,000 reward to someone who wants to play cupid and set him up with his soulmate. Jeff Gebhart has had his website DateJeffG.com live for six months now to help him find the woman of his dreams. If he finds his perfect mate, Gebhart has said he will also donate $25,000 to a no-kill animal shelter. (via TooFab)

'Honey, I Shrunk The Kids'... Again

Disney is planning a reboot of the beloved 1989 comedy and, even better, the original star of the film — Rick Moranis, who has been retired from appearing in live action films since the late '90s — is in talks to appear in the upcoming movie! (via Hollywood Reporter)

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