You and the kids have carved the jack-o-lanterns, the house is decked out in orange lights, there are inflatable monsters, ghosts, and goblins waving in the breeze on the front lawn, and you've got bags and bags of goodies to hand out to Halloween-crazed kiddos.

But before you really cut loose with the Halloween spirit check out these weird laws they have in other states.

No mask - If you are 16 or under in Dublin, Georgia you cannot go out in public wearing one. New York has had laws prohibiting masks since the 1800s, and in Walnut Creek, California, no one can wear a mask in public without a permit from the sheriff.

Illegal to Dress Like Clergy - Alabama has a law on the books that makes it illegal to dress like a priest, rabbi, nun, or pastor of any kind, not only on Halloween but year-round. If you are caught doing it you could be fined $500.00 and/or spend 1 year in prison.

No Silly String - Silly string is not permitted on Halloween in Hollywood, California. The sale, distribution, or possession of this wacky, sticky, stuff is absolutely prohibited on All Hallows Eve. And, if you're caught with it you could actually serve 6 months in jail, and/or pay a $1,000 fine.

No Trick-or-Treating for Grown-Ups - Don't even think about begging for candy on Halloween if you're over the age of 12 in Newport News, Virginia. Similarly, in Belville, Missouri, if you've passed eighth grade, you've passed the threshold for trick-or-treating. Misdemeanor charges and fines could apply.

No Sunday Halloween Celebrations - In Rehoboth, Delaware, if Halloween falls on a Sunday, you can forget celebrating on the day of. Trick-or-treating must take place on October 30 between 6-8 PM. You could be fined up to $150 if you're busted.

Lucky for us in South Dakota, the weirdest law we have is that it is illegal to lie down and take a nap in a cheese factory. So unless you're planning that for Halloween, you can go bat crazy without any laws hampering the spooky experience!

Sources: Curcio Law and Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters

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