The year 2020 came in like a wrecking ball if I may borrow a popular song title. The worst pandemic in over a century ravished the planet and left many struggling with employment and finances. Parties, concerts, and dining in restaurants were put on hold, and mom and dad learned how to work from home. Kids adapted to 'distance learning' while trying to keep their grades up. This all sounds like something straight up from a George Orwell novel.

But here we find ourselves on the doorstep of Christmas - and it couldn't have come at a better time. We've been wearing 2020 like a backpack filled with stones and frankly, we're exhausted. It's time to hit the reset button and do what makes us happy. You've earned it.

Try a few of these ideas:

  • Load up the car and take the family to Falls Park to do a drive-thru and see the lights. It truly is awe-inspiring!
  • Put on that old Christmas album that dad played when you were young.
  • Put the phones away and gather the family for a board game or begin a jigsaw puzzle with a Christmas scene.
  • Dress warm and take a family walk.
  • I'm not sure I'm at the point where I actually miss shoveling snow, but a white Christmas would be nice.
  • Grab a few cords of wood and gather around a firepit with spiced mugs of eggnog.
  • If shopping makes you happy, go shopping. If reading makes you happy, immerse yourself in a good novel.

Don't forget, Santa has a sleigh full of vaccine to eradicate the virus. Front line workers are already getting the shot and, according to Dr. Fauci, we'll all have access to it soon and things should be back to normal by summer. Rejoice!

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