I love watching the Decorah Eagles on the Raptor Resource Project live stream cam. I have visited their nest which is located by the Decorah, Iowa Fish Hatchery. It's a cool place to visit if you are in the area.

This year has been a challenge in that two of this Eagle pair's nests were destroyed. The Raptor Resource Project team began constructing this new nest with the hopes that the eagles would take it over and build upon it and they did.

The nesting pair come back to this site year after year to hatch some new baby birds.  On Easter Morning at 7:25 CDT baby eaglet D29 broke open his egg and said hello to the world! This is one of two eggs on the nest for the 2018 season.

The Raptor Resource Project is a nonprofit organization that specializes in the preservation of falcons, eagles, ospreys, hawks, and owls. They create, improve, and directly maintain over 50 nests and nest sites.

Their mission is to preserve and strengthen raptor populations, expand participation in raptor preservation, and help foster the next generation of preservationists.

They depend on donors, research, and our other programs for our entire budget. You can help support their efforts by donating via Paypal.

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