A person loading their boat into the water on Lake Alvin near Harrisburg received quite a shock Wednesday when they found a dead body.

KSFY TV is reporting that Lincoln County authorities received a phone call notifying them of the situation around 3:15 PM on Wednesday, (May 9).

According to KSFY, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is investigating a case regarding a deceased man found in the Lake Alvin area. Sergeant Terry Anderson told KSFY TV, "It's a typical South Dakota lake access, typical boat dock. There was nothing suspicious. No signs of foul play at this time."

Authorities refused to say whether the deceased man's body was located on land, or in the water near the boat dock, however, they do believe the body had been there for a brief period of time. Perhaps since early Wednesday.

Police did say, the deceased man was from out of state, and his identity will not be released until all his family members have been notified.

More information regarding this story as it becomes available.

Source: KSFY TV

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