Move over and E-Harmony, there's a new player in the online dating game. is based on your potential mate's ability to pay their bills.

I love this idea!  Credit is very important.  I've worked very hard to keep my credit excellent and I would expect the same from a mate.  I understand everyone goes through rough patches and bad credit shouldn't undermine a person's character, but if financial future is a big deal, then it's important to establish his or her situation early.

According to their website, here's a handy guide to Credit Score Dating:

A credit score of 800-850 = Marriage potential ding ding ding

A credit score of 750-800 = Take him/her home to mom

A credit score of 700-750 = A fixer-upper

A credit score of 650-700 = A fun night out, maybe, but bring cash

A credit score of 600-650 = Keep lookin'

Anything below 600 = Run, because they won't even get a car loan

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