Summer has most definitely arrived, temperature-wise anyway, over the last week. Thank goodness this is a great time to purchase products which can help you keep your cool at home.

Consumer Reports has rounded up items which you should be able to find deeply discounted this month. They include:

  • Dehumidifiers - Are especially important if you don't have air conditioning in a home where anyone has asthma, allergies, or sensitivity to dust mites, mold and mildew, which can thrive in humidity levels over 50%. CR says that some of the best models are not the most expensive ones.
  • Refrigerators - July is one of the best times to buy one of these keepers of cool. However, even on sale, these appliances tend to be pricey, so you need to think about features you can live without. In-door ice maker and water models tend to break down more often and use more energy, so maybe cracking open an ice tray instead is a better idea.
  • Other appliances - freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers should all be less expensive this month
  • Roofing - Take advantage of the good weather and get one home project off of your list
  • Sunscreen - You'll need a lot of this while working on replacing those shingles on your roof! Check out the best cheap sunscreens for 2017.
  • Gym memberships - Forget about the bikini bod, but get healthier for the fall and winter season, when these memberships are more affordable and gyms empty out for the summer.
  • Summer clothing - Yup, this is a great time to find cheap summer duds as retailers start clearing away summer items and begin stocking for the fall.

Now that you've saved money on all this stuff, maybe you can spend the extra jing on a little vacation!


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