Okay, so this idea made me laugh a little, and it's actually somewhat ingenious.

Dakota News Now is reporting that the wife of a big Dallas Cowboys fan has created a drinking game that she breaks out on gamedays as she watches her husband watch his beloved Dallas Cowboys play football.

She took a piece of paper and created a bingo card by drawing 25 different squares on it. Each square contains one of her husband's favorite remarks or reactions that he will frequently make throughout the course of watching a game.

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You know popular phrases like, "Let's Go!", "Whyyyy?", "Get Him", "First Down", "What are We Doing?", and "Are You Kidding Me!"

Some of the squares also contained frequent reactions he makes like "Covering His Face with His Hands", "Quiet Claps", "Head Down with His Eyes Closed", "Knee Slaps", "Hands Out Confused", "Getting Out of a Chair and Walking Down the Hall", "Head Tilts", "The Touchdown Gesture" and "High Fives."

Now I'm a HUGE Dolphins fan, and this applies to Vikings fans too, as they would certainly fall into the same category, given the way both of these hapless franchises seem to play most seasons. In my opinion, for this game to reach its fullest potential, you need to add a series of profane phrases inside several of the bingo card squares as well. Some of the boxes could contain things like, "SOB", "WTF", "Mother F#@K!R$", "No F$#K!ng Way!", "This is B#!!S@!T", etc.

I know this much for sure, the person playing this bingo-drinking game while watching a Vikings or Dolphins fan in action would most certainly be in the bag by the end of the first quarter most Sundays. Am I wrong?

I imagine this game would also make the overall game-day watching experience for the spouse of a Viking or Dolphins fan a much more enjoyable, and amusing one.

You can see the video of the woman's husband in action here:

By the way, according to the Dakota News Now story, the NFL has caught wind of the football bingo drinking game idea and said they'd like to play too.

The way the officiating goes during most games is another big reason why the person playing the game would be inebriated by halftime.

Source: Dakota News Now

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