It sounds like it just got a heck of a lot easier for some people to buy a gun in the state of Minnesota.

KDLT News is reporting that as of Friday (April 28) Minnesota residents who have permits to carry handguns in the state may now be able to purchase guns from licensed dealers without having to go through the previously required background checks.

According to the KDLT News report, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has now determined Minnesota’s permit to carry satisfies all the necessary background check requirements for purchasing a firearm under federal law.

Going forward, concealed carry permits in Minnesota with expiration dates of August 1, 2019, or later, will now qualify as an alternative to the usual FBI instant background checks that were required before.

Currently, the state of Minnesota has two types of gun permits that pertain to handguns. A permit to carry, and a permit to purchase.

According to Assistant Director Marvin Richardson with the ATF, the new change only applies to Minnesota’s permit to carry.

Source: KDLT TV

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