Having grown up in Lyman County in South Dakota I am very familiar with Al's Oasis. Anyone who's ever driven anywhere in the country is probably familiar with Al's too. The road signs along I-90 and around the world boasted great prices on coffee and more for miles and miles. Part of Al's Oasis was the grocery store!

If you look closely at the photo, you'll see Mueller's Store on the sign. Over the years, families from the area got to know the Mueller Family, who originally owned Al's Oasis pretty well. Back in the day, Al was quite the promoter. Many an outdoor sign was rented by  Al Mueller, who started Al's, Ted Hustead-Wall Drug, and A.J. "Dick" Geisler-The Pioneer Auto Museum.

I remember Al's for a couple of reasons. It had the first electric door that I had ever seen in my life. EVER. And of course, I remember my Mom shopping there either before or after piano lessons at Mrs. Millers. Yep, we trekked to the River City quite often growing up. The grocery store is actually located IN Lyman County just across the river from Brule County and the River City Chamberlain. We just heard the news that the grocery store part of the operation has new ownership.

According to a press release from Buche Foods;

Buche Foods, a fourth-generation family grocery store with locations throughout South Dakota, announces the purchase of the Sunshine Foods store in Al’s Oasis. The company will begin operations in the Oacoma store beginning July 28th.

Buche Foods in Oacoma, South Dakota
Buche Foods in Oacoma, South Dakota

“This feels like coming home to me,” says President RF Buche. The family has previously operated a store in Chamberlain and has a history with locations in neighboring communities. Pat Kerwin, a Chamberlain native, has been hired as
Manager of the store.

Used with Permission
Used with Permission

Buche says that customers will not see an interruption of service, and current employees are being hired back. “We’re going to really look at the community needs and see what we can add in terms of fresh foods, new products and services, and even additional hiring.”

Buche adds, “You’re going to see us around in the community a lot, reaching out and being very involved.”

Remodeling and updates are being planned and the store is adding employees.
People are encouraged to apply online for all team positions at buchefoods.com.

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