Maybe it was just my parents, but when my sisters and I were little, breaking our toys was highly discouraged. Highly discouraged! They cost money and in our home you made a concerted effort to keep them in like-new condition forever.

People who know me are not surprised to learn that I still possess a great many of my childhood toys (mostly dolls) which are in amazing condition. A few, like my beloved "Little Miss Echo", (she had a kind of glorified tape recorder device in her chest that allowed you to record responses to your own questions and have a conversation with--yourself) stopped working fairly quickly.

I would have loved to have a Girls Breaker Day to take her to and try to repair her. But alas, that was not in the cards back then. Now it is. Girls Breaker Day is coming up on Saturday, July 29, from 10 AM to 3 PM, at The Journey Group, located at 4500 W. 58th Street.

Exactly what is Girls Breaker Day? It is a free event for girls in 5th to 10th grade with their parents, where they can bring in electronics to take apart (if they want to, otherwise they'll have plenty of stuff there to deconstruct) and put back together.

They will see how appliances work, learn about electronics, (build circuits) play with robots, work with a Raspberry Pi computer and more. The best part of this fun adventure is that it will demystify the science behind all of these things.

This event may even be responsible for a whole new crop of girl engineers, scientists, and mathematicians! For more information, call 605-610-9455, take a look at Girls Breaker Day and RSVP online now.

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