Do you remember the commercial which would open with Oprah declaring her love for bread? I don't know why that annoyed me so much. After all, it is one of the few things I have in common with the ubiquitous billionaire. That and a lifelong battle with weight issues.

I've reconciled myself to the reality that genetics are not on my side. My Italian-Irish heritage predisposes me to a love of pasta and bread. And love bread I do! One of my absolute favorite things on earth is a freshly made loaf of Breadsmith Peppercorn Swiss.

There have been times where immediately upon entering my vehicle after its purchase, I have opened the bag for a slice on the way home. It is just that good! I wish I could just quit it, like any other addiction, but it has a mystical power over me. The buttery melted Swiss, paired with just the right amount of pepper in a chewy, soul satisfying, slice of heaven is difficult to pass up.

The only merciful saving grace is that I'm never quite sure when it is for sale. So I have it fairly infrequently. Most of the year Breadsmith bakes this rustic delight every other Wednesday and they almost always sell out before closing time. But if I don't check their calendar, I'm not aware which week they'll be baking it.

This is my roundabout way of telling you the good news for Sioux Falls bread lovers is that Breadsmith is building a new location near 26th & Sycamore (1614 S. Sycamore Avenue) across from HyVee. They hope to be open this summer.

The bad news for me and fellow bread lover Oprah? Breadsmith is opening another location this summer!

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