Tom Brady has been defying the odds of aging for quite some time, and with his most recent return, the veteran quarterback will now be one of the oldest ever to play at any position.

Brady, who's draft day slide and subsequent rise to the pinnacle of the sport are well chronicled, will return this season for what will be his 22nd pro campaign.

Brady will turn 45 in August, unretired earlier this offseason and will rejoin the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Fall.

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Patriots Media Day
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Here is the list of the 10, now 11 oldest players to ever play an NFL game, revised now to include Brady:

10. Vinny Testaverde - 1987-2007 - Age 44 in Final Season

Carolina Panthers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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9. Warren Moon - 1978-2000 - Age 44 in Final Season

T-5. Bobby Marshall - 1920-1925 - Age 45 in Final Season

T-5. Gary Anderson - 1982-2004 - Age 45 in Final Season

Denver Broncos vs Tennessee Titans - December 25, 2004
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T-5. Ben Agajanian - 1945-1964 - Age 45 in Final Season

T-5. John Nesser - 1909-1921 - Age 45 in Final Season

T-5. Tom Brady - 2000-2022 - Age 45 This Season

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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4. John Carney - 1987-2010 - Age 46 in Final Season

3. Morten Andersen - 1982-2004, 2006-2007 - Age 47 in Final Season

2. Adam Vinatieri - 1996-2019 - Age 47 in Final Season

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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1. George Blanda - 1949-1975 - Age 48 in Final Season

There's the list. Brady is the oldest starting NFL Quarterback of All-Time and continues to ascend on the list at any position.

We'll see what's next in his storied career, but without a doubt, we are witnessing a re-writing of the history books each and every day that his career continues.

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