It's a sign of the times. Almost daily we hear stories about businesses huge and small who have become victims of cybercrime. Security breaches strike fear into business leaders and their clients alike. Organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of South Dakota are working to educate business people about this technology-based criminal activity, with the hope of avoiding it at best and minimizing its impact at least.

To that end, the South Dakota BBB in Sioux Falls is offering a cybersecurity program on Thursday, October 25, from 8 to 10 AM at the Avera Prairie Center at 1000 East 23rd Street in Sioux Falls. While this event is free, registration is requested.

The presentation will focus on helping employers train employees to identify and eliminate cyber weaknesses. The objective being to stop security breaches before they occur.

Speakers will address issues ranging from cyber risk and manipulation to digital forensics and fighting cybercrime in South Dakota.

For more information see the Better Business Bureau of South Dakota in Sioux Falls, call 605-271-2066, and follow them on Facebook.


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