Of all the delicious donuts in the world, these are perhaps the best donuts of all, and they are found at a bakery in this small South Dakota town.

Many mornings you will see people line up early in the morning to get some famous Zebra Donuts at the Royal Bake Shop 516 Broadway St, Centerville, South Dakota.

Andy Erickson
Andy Erickson

Experience Delight: Zebra Donuts At Royal Bake Shop, Centerville's Hidden Gem

For more than 70 years the bakery in Centerville, South Dakota has been cooking up its iconic Zebra Donuts.

If you are thinking about making the dive and picking up some of these wonderful pastries you might wanna call ahead and place an order.

Just a note that they do close for the months of January and February but open again in March. It's another thing to look forward to in Spring!

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Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Here's what some folks have posted on Google Reviews...

Sarah Cherntinski: Always great! Order ahead if you want a lot because they go fast so don't think you can get a dozen zebras without that order ahead. They go so fast and very early.

Matthew Foster: This place is the platonic ideal of an old-school doughnut shop, and a visit here is, without question, worth the detour off of I-90 or I-29. These are real doughnuts made by real bakers who clearly have a lot of respect for both their product and their customers.

Robert Beringer: We celebrate all milestones with these donuts. Birthdays it’s the giant Zebra, so amazing. These donuts are worth the trip.

Jessica: Absolutely the best donuts around. Our family's favorites are Zebras, Maple filled, glazed twists, sugar, and chocolate cake donuts. Even just the plain cake donut is really good!

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