The first time I saw one of these Snyder's of Hanover "Pretzels Baby!" commercials starring actress Laura Wernette, my first reaction was, "Uh, what?"

My second reaction was "What's with the bad wig?!"

Although I still don't quite understand the somewhat obtuse campaign for this product, I'll fess up, I love Snyder's Pretzels (however they discontinued my absolute favorite, Bacon Cheddar pieces! Grrr!).

In researching the why's and what's of this wacky series of commercials for what could be considered the dinosaur of the snack world (apparently people have been noshing on the crunchy nibbles since 610 A.D.), I discovered the philosophy behind the whole thing.

When casting a spokesperson, the Barton F. Graf agency says they tested hundreds of actors before settling on Ms. Wernette because she "embodied a mom with the swagger of Telly Savalas." They wanted someone who could pull off a totally "tongue-in-cheek" passionate pretzel performance and Wernette hit all the right notes.

Laura Wernette has an impressive list of acting credits on stage and on television, but this Snyder's Pretzel campaign must surely have raised her profile considerably. If you have missed every single one of the quirky, crunchy commercials, so far- never fear, more are on the way.

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