Who knew Ariana Grande's "7 rings" could translate so well in the metal genre?

Belfast-based progressive/metal act Munro released a cover of Grande's hit song on Monday (April 1), which also stars English YouTube personality, actress and filmmaker Kelsey Ellison as the pop star. The resemblance is uncanny AF and this version of the song will surely leave heavy metal fans stanning Grande's music.

You might also recognize Ellison from the hit viral YouTube video "Dancing Hermione," which sees her transform into another famous character: Hermione Granger. Other videos she's released over the years include a cover of Grande's "Focus" sung in Japanese, as well as a brilliant Hogwarts/Harry Potter spoof of "thank u, next."

In 2017, she was also mistaken for Grande when she posted a cover of "Side x Side" on Musical.ly, so the band definitely made the right call to include her in their music video.

It's clear that Ellison is Grande's doppelgänger. Her whole look in the cover video is on point: She sports Grande's signature high ponytail, diamond choker and pink fluffy "7 rings" jacket, and even delivers a striking vocal impersonation in the beginning of the video.

"My friend Jake from the band Munro knew I could do my makeup like Ariana so asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to fly to Ireland, spend a night in a mansion and be Ariana in a metal cover of '7 rings,'" Ellison shares with PopCrush. "Of course I said yes! And it was the most extra night of my life!”

We bet it was. Check out Munro's cover of Ariana Grande's "7 rings" in the video below:

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