It's the first thing animal control or humane society officers check for when they pick up a stray dog or cat, a microchip. If present, the unique identification number in the chip can make it possible for that animal to be reunited with its owner.

Microchipping for pets has been around since the 1990s. For humans, it is a fairly new proposition. Three Square Market, a tech company in River Falls, Wisconsin is footing the bill (around $300 per person) for 50 of their 80 employees to be microchipped with a rice-sized device between their thumb and forefinger.

This tiny information holder will allow the employees instant access to enter their building, log on to computers and even buy a bag of nacho chips from their snack machines with just a swipe of their microchipped mitt.

Naysayers and conspiracy theorists have been warning about this practice for years, fearing that Big Brother (whoever he is) will then have access to all your personal information. Biohackers say that chips are very easy to hack so you shouldn't have your life history on them anyway.

However, many also believe they are the way of the future in terms of monitoring health and fitness. So forget your FitBit and get microchipped!

For the time being, the only chips I'll allow in my body are Lays Kettle-Cooked Salt & Pepper. They really aren't good for me, don't allow me to enter the building here at work, get crackers out of our snack machine, turn the lights on and off at my house or start my car, but they make me happy.

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