Is anyone else getting really tired of coaches being smart asses during press conferences? Why do they think they need to act that way?

Case-in-point, Alabama's Nick Saban got all snarky the other day while visiting with reporters about their upcoming game against Colorado State.

A local sports reporter asked him about the possibility of using two quarterbacks - which he talked about just the week before.

What makes a coach act that way? All the reporter did was ask a simple question and Saban, for some reason, got all hot-and-bothered.

Hey Nick - the reporter was doing his job. His job is to ask questions, your job is to answer them to the best of your ability. Not to be a smart ass!

And it's not just Saban who acts that way. It happens every day on every level of sports in this country - high school, college, professional.

And why is it only in the sports arena? I have yet to see a choir director or a band conductor or oral interp coach act in such a childish manner. If they did, they'd be fired.

I get a kick out of college coaches who talk about "molding young men to be good, well-rounded adults." Really?

When you answer questions in a snarky manner what you're actually teaching your players is how to belittle someone who's simply doing their job?

Just once I would love to see a reporter fire back with a smart ass comment of his or her own, giving the coach a taste of their own medicine.

Hey Nick - you're no better than anyone else. You put on your pants every morning the same way the rest of us do. I think it's time for a little humble pie.

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