It was a song that defined an era.  Who doesn't know "Jessie's Girl?"

Last year, while promoting a documentary called "Sound City Studios:  Real to Reel," Rick Springfield appeared on "Ellen" along with Dave Grohl and members of his band Foo Fighters.  They rocked out to "Jessie's Girl."

I think Dave and Rick should tour together.  This version of the timeless hit is one of the best I've heard.  It's rockin'!

Just a reminder, Rick is going to be at Grand Falls Casino Resort on March 29th.  It's not a full-blowin' rock and roll show.  It's his stripped down, intimate solo show where he'll play his biggest hits on his guitar, tell stories and he'll even take questions from the audience.   I can't wait!

Enjoy this throwback from "Ellen" last year.

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