When it comes to pizza in Sioux Falls, you have many choices. There are chain pizza joints to local favorites. Recently, a website called Mental Floss set out to find the best pizza place in every state. Sioux Falls may not be New York or Chicago, but we have pizza places in the city that are probably better, including Fiero Pizza. Fiero was named the best pizza place in South Dakota according to the website.

Fiero Pizza has a number of specialty pies for you to choose from if you don’t feel like building your own pizza. I’d go with the Fresh Farmer. It has a spicy tomato sauce base and mozzarella, hot sausage, spinach, egg, parmesan cheese, and roasted pepper chili oil. Sounds like you’ll need to wash it down with a cold drink.

Fiero Pizza has two locations in Sioux Falls. The original is at 212 S. Phillips Avenue and their second location called Fiero Fire Chicken is at 3101 West 41st Street. Besides the scrumptious pizza, that location also serves flame-grilled chicken.

If you're planning a road trip soon, here is where you can get the best pizza in these states:

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