Of all the schools that have a four-day week who do you think is the happiest about that schedule - the students, teachers, or parents?

South Dakota Department of Education
South Dakota Department of Education

Regardless of their opinions, the South Dakota Department of Education along with other states sees a 4-day school week as a cost-saving measure.

These schools are some of the smaller districts in the state as they save in transportation costs, non-essential staff hours, building utilities, and food costs.

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The four-day week began in South Dakota in 1995 when Custer became the first school district in the state to make the transition.

According to the South Dakota Department of Education (SDDE), of the 149 schools, there are currently 35 school districts that have a four-day curriculum week.

Information Specialist Ruth Raveling with the SDDE notes it is a local school district's decision whether to have 4-day school weeks and how they handle the fifth day. Some districts offer tutoring and other supports.

There are currently no Sioux Falls schools that have a four-day schedule.


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