One short phone call to the B&G Milkyway on 69th Street in Sioux Falls, and I knew what I was having for lunch, "Two fudge bars and hold the calories, please!"

I spoke to a lovely young lady named Diane, who was more than excited to let me know that today, March 1, was the day that they and the Harmodon Park B&G Milkyway were open for business.

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 B&G Milkyways Are Opening for 2023

Can spring be far behind? Well perhaps it is, but a chili dog footlong and your favorite Peanut Butter Avalanche won't be anymore! Or maybe a strawberry malt or chocolate shake is more your speed.

Whatever you've been craving since the iconic food joint closed its doors for winter, will be available starting March 1.

The first B&G that opened was the one on West 12th (we don't have their opening date yet, but hopefully it is soon, as it is the one closest to my house!).

There are reasons that B&G Milkyways have been in business since the 50s and you'll see every one of them on their menus!

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