I hadn't been to the Outdoor Campus at Sertoma Park in a long time. In fact until this past Saturday (August 5) I had never even been to Outdoor University. I'm still trying to decide what the best part of it was; the smiles on people's faces, the squeals of delight from kids in the critter tank tent, the perfect coolness of the day, the absolute joy that director Thea Miller-Ryan exudes throughout the day, it was all outstanding!

It was all just wonderful and I was thrilled to be part of it, just hanging out, doing a live broadcast and soaking in the beauty and variety of that extraordinary gem right in the middle of our city. We are so fortunate to have it!

The opportunity people have every year to come out and try a plethora of outdoor sports and activities is remarkable and everything (except whatever you choose to eat or drink) is free. All equipment and instruction is provided and for children, can begin a lifelong love of kayaking or hunting, fishing or rock climbing and much more.

If you missed it this year, don't make the same mistake next summer. Even if you simply come out to watch, breathe the air, stroll around the pond and observe one of the best events in Sioux Falls!

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