If you're a fan of "The Office" like myself, then being to asked to watch the show isn't a difficult task.  Did I mention you'll get paid too?!

The satellite TV provider, Dish is looking for one person to watch 15 hours of "The Office."  This is equivalent to 45 episodes.  Here's how it works: this worker will have to complete a certain set of tallies throughout the marathon.  For example, it could be counting how many times Michael says, "That's what she said," or how many pranks Jim pulls in one episode.  If the winning "worker" completes these tasks, he/she will be rewarded $1,000! The point of this contest is to celebrate 15 years of the NBC sitcom.

According to an article from Insider, this competition is for any U.S. resident that is at least 18-years-old.  You also are required to submit a 300-word essay professing your obsession with "The Office."  Including a video explaining why you're the biggest fan of the popular show may also enhance your chances of being declared the big winner!

Visit USDish.com for more information and official applications.  The application deadline is March 16th at 5:00 P.M. MST.

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