If you've lived in South Dakota long enough chances are you've mistakenly used some of these words or phrases. If you are visiting South Dakota you are likely to hear some of the locals use some of these.

So let's do a little test. How many of these words and phrases have you spoken out loud a time or two?

7 Things South Dakotans say wrong.

  1. “Suppos-ab-ly” - It's “Suppos-ed-ly” no “ab” in it.
  2. “Irregardless” - There is no “Irr” in it. It's “Regardless”
  3. “EX-presso” - It's “ES-presso” no X involved.
  4. “EX-Cetera” - Again no X involved. It's ET-Ceterea.
  5. “For All Intensive Purposes” - the phrase is “For All Intents and Puproses”.
  6. “I COULD Care Less” - The phrase is “I COULDN'T Care Less”. Cuz if you could care less you would.
  7. “I Need To LAY Down” - It's LIE Down. Lay: To put or place. Lie: Rest or Recline.

So how did you do? Wrong or right I guess it doesn't "expecially" matter. ;-)

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