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    Sioux Falls Prostitution Arrests

    Sioux Falls police arrested 3 North Dakota residents for prostitution.  Police followed an online ad to make the arrests of the 27, 30, & 33 year-olds.

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    Legal Pot In Minnesota?

    A Minnesota Senate panel has approved legislation that would legalize medical marijuana.  The Senate Judiciary Committee gave the OK Wednesday that would legalize marijuana for medical use.  It's the fourth Senate panel to advance the measure since last week, and moves to the Finance Committee next.  The bill is however stalled in the House.

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    Judge Judy Prime Time

    Finally Judge Judy is coming to primetime!  The one-hour special of "Judge Judy Primetime," which will include new cases and also tell us of Judge Judith Sheindlin went from the courtroom to TV's "Judge Judy."

    "Judge Judy" has topped the daytime TV ratings for 4 consecutive years.  The show will air May 20th at 8PM on CBS.

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    Thursday Weather Forecast from the NWS

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    Magic Word To Get Kids To Do Chores

    A new study has found the MAGIC WORD to get your kids to do chores.  And it is . . . "helper."  When researchers asked kids to be a helper instead of asking them for HELP, the kids were more likely to do the chores.  The researchers say it's because the noun "helper" makes it a part of their character and identity, so they're more motivated to prove it's true.  Go Figure!?

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