This is a very serious and scary time in our planet's history, that's a given. But I can't help it, as a human being, I still need to laugh. Whether this comes from nervous energy, anxiety, or fear, I'm not sure.

I only know that having a good laugh is one of the things that helps me maintain my sanity when what I really would like to do, is run into a forest and scream!

When I came across this story on Dakota News Now this morning, I laughed out loud. One of my best friends was a Sioux Falls police officer for two decades and the stories he could tell, I'm guessing, might resemble this one.

Apparently, traffic must be somewhat lighter on the I-5 freeway going through Seattle, or this might not have been such a funny story.

A guy there was nabbed by Washington State Highway Patrol Troopers and has been charged with reckless driving, DUI, hit-and-run, and felony eluding. Witness calling 911 reported that the man was driving around 100 miles per hour and had already hit two vehicles.

The officers began a high-speed chase and finally stopped the guy with spike strips after he got off the highway and was driving on a popular walking and hiking trail in Seattle.

You read that right - -he was driving on a trail people normally walk on. Thankfully, this was right around 3 AM.

But I digress. When they finally pulled him over, there was a dog sitting in the driver's seat and the gentleman was steering. He proceeded to explain that he was teaching his pitbull how to drive.

The officers let him know in no uncertain terms, that he wasn't doing a very good job!

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