Last year was not that great for Valentine's Day - - anything. Restaurants, retailers, hotels, and yes, candy makers saw their profits dip to historic levels. This came after 2020's pre-pandemic Valentine's Day record spending.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) figures indicated:

Spending was down more than 20% from the previous year’s all-time high. People were struggling and there was a once in a lifetime worldwide pandemic. It was understandable.

This year NRF expectations are positive. Recent polls suggest 56% of people plan on buying candy this Valentine's Day. In fact, 47% of people say they will buy themselves a box of Valentine's chocolates.

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One of the biggest takeaways from their surveys this year is that Conversation Hearts are back - -and big - -baby! They came in as the favorite Valentine's Day candy in numerous states.

Conversation Hearts infographic map
Courtesy Candy Store

Not South Dakota however. South Dakotan's favorite Valentine's Day candy continues to be Hershey's Kisses. But Conversation Hearts came in 2nd, and chocolate hearts came in third. No brand name was indicated on the chocolate hearts, but really, any heart-shaped chocolate is pretty good.

M&Ms remain a popular choice also, and unbelievably, Cupid Corn (that's right Halloween Candy Corn's red, white & pink sibling) has grown in popularity for some ungodly reason!

Nebraskans and West Virginians have even put Cupid Corn in first place in their states.


Iowans go with #1- M&Ms, #2-Conversations Hearts & #3- Ghirardelli Gift Box.

Minnesotans don't care what kind of chocolates are in the box, as long as they get a heart-shaped one filled with them! Otherwise, they'll go with #2- M&Ms and #3- Conversation Hearts.

I say, whichever Valentine's Candy fills your heart and tummy with love, go for it!

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Sources: CandyStore and National Retail Federation

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