If you like to hunt, fish, bike, play golf, or want to own the newest and hottest looking shoes then this is the place for you.

One of my favorite stores to shop is right in the heart of Sioux Falls. And this monster bronze sculpture greets you at the main entrance. Below you will see a couple of his friends that also take up residence in front of this store.

Dave Roberts/Canva

What has drawn me to this store in the past? Okay, let's go down the list. Guns, ammunition, fishing supplies, camping equipment, shoes, my first pair of KUHL pants, gift certificates, and Christmas gifts for my wife.

Plus, to see Matt & Travis.

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Figure it out yet? Let's see, a biker and two former Presidents. 30 stores in 13 states. And they started out in 1902 as a Hardware and Feed store. It has to be Scheels.

Dave Roberts

Which one impressed me most? Well, I'm biased saying Scheels-Sioux Falls is my favorite, but Omaha is really cool too.

By the way, other Scheels locations have Presidential displays including Springfield, IL with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, and Abe Lincoln all in attendance.

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