A recent survey has revealed the most likely ways to meet that special someone and get married.  Over 10,000 married couples were asked how they met and these are the top 7 most-common answers:

1.  Through a mutual friend, 25%.

2.  At work, 24%.

3.  Randomly while they were out with friends, like at a bar, 15%.

4.  Through online dating, 14%.

5.  In college, 11%.

6.  At school BEFORE college.  So, high school sweethearts, 10%.

7.  At the gym, 1%.

We conducted our own study.  On our Facebook page, we asked our friends how they met the love of their life.  Here's what we found:

26% of couples met through a mutual friend (which backs up the above study).

14% met online (which again, is spot on to the above study).  This tied with couples meeting at work.

12% met at the bar/evening out

10% met at college/school.

Other responses included meeting at concerts, church, grocery store and the golf range, just to name a few.

I found it very interesting that two of our Facebook friends met their special someone at the gas station.  I guess I need to spend more time at the 'pump.'


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