I can’t be the only person who accidentally throws their mask in the washer while it’s set on “hot” and then (accidentally again) puts it in the dryer for an hour with the rest of the laundry, am I?

It’s always good to have a plan-B when this happens. Otherwise, your shrunken mask will make your ears stick out like Mickey Mouse and barely cover your nose.

Pandemic problems, right? We’ve shrunk a few good masks since this thing began. We’ve since put a small basket for used masks in our laundry room. Then, we’ll hand wash and air dry them.

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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says it’s okay to wash your mask with the rest of your laundry but hang it up to dry to avoid shrinkage. The CDC also recommends washing your face mask after each use. It’s a good reminder to those like me who keep a mask in the car. Many businesses require face coverings and the vehicle is a good place to keep a spare.

Washing your face mask by hand is best. Place it in a dish with laundry detergent or a bleach solution is best. Rinse with clean tap water thoroughly to get the detergent out. Nobody wants to inhale Tide all day. That’s like the cousin to eating Tide Pods.

Hang them up to dry overnight and you’re good to go in the morning.

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