Whats "SUP" Sioux Falls?

Do you find yourself in search of a much-needed diversion during all this COVID-19 madness? My wife found a good one on Friday of last week that might be just what you need, and one of the best parts is, facial coverings are completely optional.

Flow and Paddle of Sioux Falls is whats "SUP" (stand up paddleboarding). Flow and Paddle is located on beautiful Lake Lorraine on the west side of Sioux Falls.  Flow and Paddle offers a variety of experiences for all levels and ages.

My wife signed up for the private session to learn the basics of SUP with the goal of going back for the "Walk On Water" experience which is the option to rent the equipment.

The session starts with a brief background of the owners Cassandra and Reggie and how Flow and Paddle was created.  The session includes land lessons where Cassandra takes you through the history of the SUP followed by a tutorial of the terminology.  A few brief practices with holding the paddle and you make your way to the water.

You don't have to do any of the heavy lifting, Reggie has already carried the board to the shore and is ready to launch you into the lake. Once on the lake Cassandra coaches you on the basics of paddling and turning while on your knees. After a few practice rounds paddles Cassandra shows you how to get up onto your feet using your paddle in the water as balance. Once standing you practice paddling forward, stopping, and turning. Not sure you can stand up? Cassandra is a great cheerleader and supports you the entire time!

Next, is a tour around Lake Lorraine taking in the peacefulness and beauty all while realizing you are walking on water. Reggie is close by taking pictures and making sure the fish don't get too close. You slip back into to where you started and Reggie makes sure you are on dry land.

The hardest part of SUP is saying goodbye. Check the Flow and Paddle website for all the different experiences.

My wife has already planned her next experience, sunrise yoga. She tells me that is already on the docket for this Friday. SUP really must be some kind of fun!

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