If you spend a good amount of your time in the kitchen then you probably want some order, make the most of every space and do your best to eliminate the clutter.

Ours is an older home built back in the mid '60s and the design of the kitchen remains the same with a few enhancements and upgrades over the years. But one space, in particular, is pretty much useless. That little two-door cabinet above the refrigerator.

New Kitchen in upscale suburban home

Is this where mom and dad kept their bottle of Canadian Club and Windsor? Totally out of reach for the kids right? And then when they did want to bring it out they had to use a step stool.

Nope, I won't use this space for anything we use day today. Or anytime in the next month.

Now that I think of it that space will be perfect for holiday napkins, placemats, and the extra plastic drinkware we have stuffed in a lower cabinet.

Plumber with tools doing reparation in the kitchen.

Okay, your turn. Do you agree? Or is your peeve with the cabinet over the microwave? Maybe it's under the sink. And for some, it just might be a drawer below the stove.

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