YouTube/Rich DeMuro
YouTube/Rich DeMuro

Did you ever see the movie I, Robot starring Will Smith? It's about artificial intelligence taking over the world. Well, we just took a giant step towards that becoming reality.

A burger joint in Pasadena, California called Caliburger has just installed the world's first robot burger flipper. It even has a name - Flippy.

Driver-less cars and trucks, robotic factory workers - and now this? And you want me to believe that robots aren't taking over?

The robot is made by a company called Misco Robotics. A representative described Flippy as, "our learning capable, collaborative kitchen assistant."

It's basically a robotic arm with a spatula at the end that uses thermal energy to sense when it's time to flip and remove the burgers from the grill. It can handle up to 150 burgers an hour. It doesn't serve the burger though, that still takes a human.

Flippy is currently working at one Caliburger franchise in Pasadena, but the plan is to install more at other locations around Southern California. The restaurant chain claims "it'll help serve more customers, not lead to fewer jobs."

Skeptical? You bet I am. Just watch the movie 'I, Robot' and then get back to me.

Source: Tech Crunch

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