Woman taking a shower
Hoby Finn/Getty Images

Now I realize why I can never seem to get into the bathroom, there's always someone taking a shower.

There's a study out that says the average person spends more than 60 hours a year in the shower!

Supposedly the typical man showers for nine minutes each day, the average woman nine-and-a-half minutes. And both take an average of 8 showers each week.

So, let me break out my calculator here, that means men spend 3,744 minutes in the shower, that works out to be 62.4 hours, or more than two and a half days, while women spend 3,952 minutes in the shower, or 65.9 hours. That would put the ladies at just about three full days.

This means over the 60-or-so years of a person’s adult life, you end up spending nearly half of a year singing in the shower! You should be pretty clean and an accomplished vocalist after all that, right?

What's even scarier, that doesn't take into account all the time you spend arguing with your kids and significant others over how much time they spend in the shower.

That would be another astounding number.

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