A graphic video was released of a Sheriff in Minnesota going 114 mph in his squad car when a deer jumps out in front of him on the road. Unbelievable!

Living in Minnesota you always have to be on the lookout for deer in the roadway. It's a part of life.

But if you are a police officer responding to a call and driving at a high rate of speed you don't always have that luxury.

I just came across this video of an Isanti County, Minnesota Sheriff's deputy who was responding to a report of a man with a gun at a local restaurant in Cambridge.

Isanti County Minnesota-Google Maps
Isanti County Minnesota-Google Maps

He had his lights and sirens on and speeding at 114 mph when a deer jumped out in the road right in front of him.

The officer hit the deer head-on. The cruiser dash cam recorded the whole thing.

Remarkably the deputy was not hurt.

The police care was almost demolished. According to the Duluth News Tribune, “the bumper guard on the front end was bent, the windshield completely smashed, the hood nearly torn off and the engine was left smoking after the accident.” YIKES!

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