This has been a difficult week. That simple sentence doesn't encompass the range of turbulent emotions I've been experiencing. But, when held up against the backdrop of all that is occurring in the world right now, to me, it seems insignificant.

And yet, I recently heard a very learned psychiatrist addressing the subject of personal pain and struggle. She said that pain is pain, problems are problems. There isn't a "pain Olympics". Your issues can be as deeply affecting to you as any other person's are to them. A world full of sorrow doesn't negate your own.

Nevertheless, compare we do. I suppose, in the pursuit of that elusive perspective that will make us feel better, or at the very least, feel foolish for wallowing in our self-indulgent sadness.

My salvation in these times is a group of longtime friends who always seem to know when I need a bit of spiritual buoying.

Such was the situation midweek when I walked into my kitchen around 3 PM contemplating what I might throw together for dinner. I looked out the window and saw two of my best friends Loren and Debbie McManus, in their vehicle on the driveway.

I scurried to the door, and to my great joy, I got to see them as they dropped off yet another wonderful "meals-on-wheels" package.

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