We can still thank late-night TV for a good laugh, even with the hosts doing self-quarantine shows without an audience. Jimmy Fallon asked viewers for the funniest things they've heard people say about being self-isolated using #QuarantineQuotes on social media...and it yielded a few all too relatable gems.

“Forget plucking my eyebrows. I'm now trimming them like bangs.”

“Do we HAVE to go on another walk?” – My dog

“I heard an old lady at my work say she was going to put a glass of wine in every room of her house and go on a pub crawl. She’s 92!”

“Mommy put on her nice leggings -- I guess she's going to the mailbox.”

“I liked it better when Netflix and Chill didn’t involve the whole family.”

“My house has turned into Las Vegas. We are losing money by the minute, cocktails are acceptable at any hour, and we don't know what time it is.”

“What time do you change out of your daytime pajamas into your nighttime pajamas?”

"Now I understand why pets try to run out of the house when the door opens."

“I can’t believe that I questioned why liquor stores were deemed an essential service!”

“I miss being late to everything.”

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