I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I am a Minnesota Vikings fan. I don’t care about Super Bowl XLVII … (that’s right, I know my Roman Numerals). I do however wish to do you “a solid” if you are going to be attending that excuse to eat, drink, and be naughty that is know as the “SUPER BOWL PARTY”. Just print this list of “THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW TO IMPRESS ANY DRUNK CHICK AT A SUPER BOWL PARTY”:

The Odds:
-The 49ers are 5 point favorites to beat the Ravens in Super Bowl 2013

The Ends
-It's Super Bowl 47. I have no idea why they use Roman Numerals. I doubt if you could find more than one player on either team that could point out Rome on a map.

-The game will be between AFC champions, the Baltimore Ravens, and the NFC champs, the San Francisco 49ers. Sure, you know that now, but after your 5th pre-game beer you'll be glad I told ya.

-John Sutter first discovered gold in the river near his mill in 1848, predicating the California Gold Rush that led to massive western migration, thus the term “49ers”. Share this fact with everyone in the room after beer number 6 and see who impresses whom...or whom impresses who...whatever, do it.

-The game will be the first match up of two brothers head coaching opposing teams. John Harbaugh-Raven's / Jim Harbaugh-49ers. I wonder how their mom felt after giving birth to both of those really large egos?

-The Halftime Show will feature Beyoncé - Come on wardrobe malfunction!!

-The first ever Super Bowl was played back in 1967. The Packers beat the Chiefs. The halftime entertainment was limited to 6 large Wisconsin chicks drinking a case of Grain Belt and burping the “Beer Barrel Polka”.

-You can get a personalized shot glass with your name and phone number on it at www.quaffer.com. Show up with a couple a dozen of these to hand out at the party. Chicks dig shots. Just trying to help.

-And finally…What does a Ravens fan do when they win the Super Bowl? Answer: He shuts off the XBox and goes to bed.

Have a great Super Bowl, blah, blah, blah...




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