My pal Al gave me a can of Spotted Dick Sponge. Turns out only a true friend will give you Spotted Dick Sponge. I've never had Spotted Dick Sponge before. How many times am I going to type Spotted Dick Sponge?

I asked another of my dear friends, Patty, how one prepares Spotted Dick Sponge? She said: "You warm it up, of course."

Patty said you could nuke it, but it might get tough. She then suggested I put my Spotted Dick Sponge in a buttered, oven safe dish at 200 degrees for 20 minutes as you don't want your Spotted Dick Sponge to stick."

I then inquired with Patty what one should serve with Spotted Dick Sponge. She said: “Whipping Cream or Cool Whip, you dork!” She pointed out that it would be fine as desert or with a traditional British Tea.

Patty then elaborated that "It would be thoughtful to share your Spotted Dick Sponge with family and friends." I'm not sure how to word that invitation?

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