Grilling season is back and you know what that means? You're going to need some meat!

97-3 KKRC and Look's Marketplace want to help you get stocked up!

Every weekday morning, you'll have a chance to call in and play "Say It and Spin" for a chance to win a variety of delectable grilling goodies.

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Ben & Patty will ask you to call in weekday mornings around 7:20. Just give them the "Say it and Spin" winning phrase- -"I LOVE MY KKRC!" and you'll get to spin our "Wheel of Meat"!

You could win ribeyes, t-bones, wagyu beef roasts, pork chops, juicy rotisserie chickens, salmon, Look's Marketplace homemade brats, diver scallops, ribs, ground beef, wings, deluxe sandwiches, and more!

Plus, each person that gives the wheel a spin is eligible to win the grand prize of a brand new Broil King Regal Pellet 500 Smoker Grill from Fireplace Pros valued at $1,500, which will be given away on Friday, September 3rd.

The spinning & winning is going on until right before Labor Day so listen in at 7:20 with Ben & Patty for your chance to win!

KKRC Wheel of Meat Prize Wheel Contest Rules