A South Dakota boy had a life changing experience thanks to Make-a-Wish South Dakota.

Meet Jack Stein, a 5th grader in Elkton, South Dakota. Jack is a big sports fan, especially the sport of basketball.

As KSFY TV reports, in 2016 Jack went to the doctor for a routine wellness check, and that's when his life changed.

Jack's mother, Stacey VanDyke, told KSFY during the checkup, "They noticed his spine was curved, so they noticed it was going the wrong way. They did an MRI on his back and they ended up doing one on his brain and it showed he had Chiari Malformation. The MRI revealed that Jack had a fluid filled cyst in his spine, and it was blocking the flow to his brain."

According to KSFY, Jack went into surgery in May of 2016. The process went well, and fortunately today Jack is still able to play basketball and baseball and still have fun with his friends.

The gang at Make-a-Wish South Dakota caught wind of Jack's situation and immediately went to work on doing what they do best, granting the wishes of kid's with critical illnesses.

According to Jack's mom Stacey, a team came over to meet Jack to ask him what he wanted to do. He said he really wanted to meet New York Giants star receiver, Odell Beckham.

Wish granted. Thanks to Make-a-Wish South Dakota, Jack and his family received the opportunity to go to New York to meet the Giants receiver.

As Stacey told KSFY, "The whole make a wish experience was amazing. The New York Giants they were amazing. They all came up to him, got to do some plays with them. They were great people. I was in tears when Odell walked out."

If you're wondering what kind of person Beckham is, Jack says he's really cool! He told KSFY, that Odell "likes to interact with people."

As you might imagine, Jack had the time of his life thanks to the fine work being done by the folks at Make-a-Wish South Dakota.

You can learn more about Make-a-Wish South Dakota and what it has to offer here.

Source: KSFY TV

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