When you think of a stampede you may envision buffalo. Here in Sioux Falls it may be our local USHL Hockey team. In this case the stampede will be five-year olds. Maybe six.

Mom and dad get ready for Kindergarten 2019! Scrunch your eyes here. Take a deep, deep breath, count back slowly from about 50 and everything will come together. That's all for parents. Now let's move on to the kids for their big night at Terry Redlin Elementary on Thursday, February 28 beginning at 5:30 PM where all your questions will be answered.

For those entering kindergarten in the Sioux Falls School District they learn what a typical day will be like and what types of things will be learned. On this night there will be a Principal and teachers available for questions.

Plus there will be a time to discuss readiness skills and the Special Education Services that are offered.

Now if you have other younger children in tow no worries. There will be free child care from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

If you need more information call 605.367.8488.