How low can the scammers of Sioux Falls stoop? How about tricking a homeless person to fall for a scheme that could land them in jail? This evil vile deed is taking place in our community and the Sioux Falls Police want to make you aware of it.

Here's how it goes down: A homeless person is approached and asked to cash a check. The scammers will say the checks need to be cashed for working undocumented immigrants in the city. They are even promised 10% of the cash. When the homeless person returns from the bank their only possessions are stolen and he or she is given $10 for their time and tossed from the vehicle.

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In this case, a black minivan with California plates was the suspect's vehicle. Sioux Falls Police believe this is the second time this has happened within a few weeks.

According to Dakota News Now, the homeless man has not been arrested, but Lt. Adam Petersen said he could face charges later in the investigation.

Talk about kicking a person when they're down. This is so cold and heartless it's hard to fathom. Police are asking citizens to be on the lookout for suspicious activity such as this.

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