This is why we can't have nice things. There was a little stalk of corn here in Sioux Falls that sprouted, grew, and thrived in an almost impossible environment. He popped up out of a crack in the curb on the south side of 57th street where it intersects with Minnesota Avenue.

People have been traveling from all over to see it. It was kind of like having our own street-side Gandhi. Or "Worlds Largest Ball of Twine" (that's in Cawker City, Kansas). It inspired folks. This little “Curb Corn” was giving us hope in a time when that is in short supply.

People have been posting selfies with Curb Corn. Someone set up a Twitter page for the fella. Sioux Falls Mayor Paul Tenhaken made Curb Corn his Facebook Cover photo. Some fans even had t-shirts made with Curb Corn on the front so they could sell them to raise money for the Iowa Derecho victims.

Paul TenHaken Facebook

And now...he's Dead. Roots up. At 8:07 Wednesday morning Aug. 19 57th Street Curb Corn officially passed on to that big field in the sky.

I went to the scene of the crime. I assume it was a crime. Curby didn't seem to be the suicide type. It wasn't clear if he was targeted by a motorist or just maliciously plucked from the ground by some stalker. (See what I did there?) I guess it doesn't matter. He's gone.

As we all mourn our communal loss there is no word if there will be a memorial service. Or if a gofundme page will be set up in his name. Whatever, I'm sure Curby will be spending eternity hangin' in some fine crib. (See what I did there too...)

Sioux Falls Curb Corn - Ben Davis
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