The importance of public input will get some, you guessed it, public input as an ordinance works its way to the Sioux Falls City Council. It’s a matter of when it should be.

Councilor Theresa Stehly is a staunch advocate of the current placement of public comment at the beginning of the regular meeting. Stehly wonders if the message matches up with what was promised by candidates before the election.

“We just came off of an election campaign where we were talking about transparency and responsiveness. I’m so disappointed that the first order of business is this ordinance to change the public input time from 7:00 to some foggy time at the end of the meeting.”

From Stehly’s perspective, the impression of moving public input diminishes the will of the citizens.

“I believe that the citizens are first. Their concerns are first and it’s the only opportunity they have to address the Council and the Mayor.”

The ordinance has a first reading during the June 12 Council meeting and will need to advance to a second reading before adoption.

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