If you are an HGTV fan like me, (my personal favorite is Beachfront Bargain Hunt, thanks to my friends Loren and Debbie) house-flipping is a completely mysterious and overwhelming activity.

Expensive repairs and near-disasters always seem to appear out of nowhere and often make me wonder what home inspection regulations are in other parts of the country. It just seems that some of the issues which crop up, should have been discovered during inspection. But as Debbie often points out, "that wouldn't make for good TV" if it were all smooth-sailing.

Home-flipping investors want the best return on their money, of course, and so those financial research gurus at WalletHub went to work to find the best cities where they would. There is only one city which beat Sioux Falls out for first place and that was El Paso, Texas.

WalletHub analyzed three key areas for this study:

  1. Market Potential
  2. Renovation & Remodeling Costs
  3. Quality of Life.

Within those areas they further reviewed categories like: average days to flip a home, home turnover rates, health index of the housing market, number of foreclosed homes, real estate tax rates, average costs of whole home, kitchen and bathroom remodels, construction worker average pay, crime rates, family-friendliness, median salaries and more.

If you're interested in seeing the whole flippin' study check out WalletHub's Best Places to Flip Houses report.

Source: WalletHub 

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