Tuesday morning a school bus struck a house in the 4900 block of Dunlap Court in Sioux Falls.

No Serious Injuries. A bus was traveling southbound on Dunlap when the bus hit two houses, coming to rest against the last house, causing damage to both houses. This is at 56th and Dunlap.

No one was on the bus but the driver. The bus belongs to School Bus Inc, out of Sioux Falls. Gas to the houses have been shut off due to a possible gas leak. correction on travel bus was heading westbound, hit a utility box, side of a house than ended up in two bedrooms.

The driver of the bus had a medical issue which caused him to black out, he then took out two mailboxes, a utility box and hit two houses.  The driver received minor injuries from the accident.

The two rooms that were hit were a dog room and a office.  A female was home in bed in the back of the house when she heard it, and thought it was thunder at first than heard all the glass shatter.

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Tea Storm Chasers